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Jimmy James (Redhawk) About Us 

Jimmy James Jr
Jimmy James Jr

About Us

Jimmy James Jr born On June 06,1956 

In Los Angeles, California.

Raised in Burbank, California where he attended School.

Jimmy James Sr. worked for Hughes Tool Company in Burbank, California for Twenty years.

Jimmy's Father also worked on the Airplane Called "The Spruce Goose" and was there when Howard Hughes made History.

Jimmy's Family started "Jimmy James Enterprise" in North Hollywood, California an Aeronautical Fabrication Sheet Metal Shop .

Government Bonded Business and a Native American Business. Soon after the business signed a Contract with Edwards Air Force Base in Edwards, California along with Nasa Space Program.

Jimmy & His Father Were Very Active 

In The Space Shuttle Program For Nasa.

Jimmy Was The Spoke Person For "True Credit" Commercials In 2005- 2006

 "Manage Your Credit, Manage Your Life" 

True Stories National Television Commercials. 

Best Known For: 

Attack Of The Unknown -2020

(Executive Producer)

The Dawn (2019)

Escape From Ensenada (2018)

About Scout (2015) 

House Of Mansion (2017)

Cowboy & Indians (2015) 

The Pipeline (2018)

Tornado Alley (2015) 

The Neighbors (2015)

Magic Giant " Shake Me Up " (Music Video-2018)

Poppy " Lowlife "  (Music Video-2016)

R5 " Heart Made Up On You " (Music Video-2017)

Michael Jackson "Thriller". (Music Video-1982)

Rainbow1 Productions 2015